Frequenty Forwarded Text Humor, pre 1995, in no paticular order

The Twelve Days of Christmas
200 Question Nerd Test

100 Ways to Freak Out your Roommate
50 Other Ways to Freak Out your Roommate
30 More Ways to Freak Out your Roommate
Pinky and the Brain Quotes
Accident - A lesson in physics
Apollo Secret
Arkansas Application
Bad Date
Bad Day
Ditching your Blind Date
Square Balls
Chocolate vs. Sex
Fun with Christians
Church Typos
College Courses
College Knowledge
Condum Joke
Computer Humor
Computer Lab Pranks
Court Quotes
Dr. Seuss Reviewed
Emo Phillips on Suicide
Final Exam
Parent's Excuses
God Has Root
Guillotine Joke
Help Desk Stories
Horse and Rabbit

How To Pass the Final
Interview Quotes
Ivy League Marketing
Ivy League Burger Jokes
Impure Mathematics
Improved English
Interview Quotes
Kirk vs. Picard
Landlord Letters
Little Bars of Hotel Soap
Los Angeles Math Exam
Lucky Charms Sex Horoscope
The Mailman
Minnesota Application
I Like Monkeys
Mouse Balls
Music Jokes
The Neiman Marcus Cookie Urban Legend
A Nun in NYC
Pickup Lines
Rules of Flaming
Shit, according to all
Signs of Insanity
Stand Up One Liners
Star Trek Humor
The Sex Life of an Electron
Stuck Privates
Texas A&M Application
Talking Frog
Unix Christmas
Why Santa Isn't
Why is it...?
Wooden Leg Costume
Yo Momma Jokes