Photos: Wedding

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The happiest day of my life. :) If love were water, I would have drowned ten times over.

(Click each small image for the full picture)

Exterior of the Griffin Museum before the ceremony.

Flowers greeted our guests!

Mathieu laughing.

Meme and Lea

Aline, Meme, Gabe

Rick and Chris

Rick and Meme

Poster session

Mathieu and Christine

Walking down the aisle

Yay! Kiss!

Sandra, Rick, Virginia, Meme

The cake

Two moms

Meme and Justin

Mathieu and Justin dancing

Cutting the cake

We chose the Griffin Museum for its enchanting atmosphere.

Sara Beth, Jade, Nicole, Lea and Christine outside the museum

Us, holding hands after the ceremony.

Sharon, Joe and Shawn

Janet, Sue, Adam, Sharon

Chris gives his speech

Andrew gives his speech

Alok gives his speech


Mathieu feeds Justin

Justin feeds Mathieu

Dance, Jade, Dance!

Everybody dance!

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