Photos: Vermont

These are from a trip Mathieu and I took to Stowe, VT on September 30, 2001.
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The beginning of the trail holds a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

This is the first bridge of many.
They're numbered!

Each bridge has a brook flowing under it.

The cow field is right next to the trail!

Vast fields of cows...

Cows rule the earth...

Mathieu bicycling into the distance.

This is a huge plastic tent set up in the middle of a field.  I wonder what they use it for?

Each brook is alive with color and texture.

Covered bridges make everyone happy.

The path winds around the "Rusty Nail"

Why can't all McD's be like this?

This tree is covered with wood strips.  If I were a tree, I wouldn't want other trees nailed to me.

This steel ball sculpture sits in front of the Swiss fondue restaurant downtown.

Close up of ball.  I like it.

This is the church downtown.

The paved trail goes off to the right, but everyone seems to defy this sign.

At the end of the day, we go to the Cabot cheese factory.  Mmmmmm... cheese.