Photos: SFO

These are from a trip Mathieu and I took to in San Francisco on October 20, 2001.
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We stayed at the Clift Hotel on Geary St.  The name of the hotel is nowhere on the building!  This is one of the impressive chairs they had in the lobby.

There are three elevators: a red one, a green one, and a blue one.  The room had orange highlights all over the place.  This is the bedside table.

The bathroom had a spotlight on the toilet, and a very, uh, ... interesting shower head.  ;^)

Kelly, Alok and Weston all live in the SFO area, so I invited them up to see the room.  Later that evening we saw Tyson and Rachel.

On Saturday we went to Jarvis Winery up in Napa Valley.  Here, Mathieu is standing in the "Parking Meadow".  Inside, we heard all about Mr. Jarvis and his head winemaker, Dimitri.

The entrance has ten foot high doors!  We saw an underground stream, the fiber optic sculpture in the women's bathroom, and the "Crystal Chamber", where Mr. Jarvis likes to listen to opera in the presence of six foot tall quartz geodes.  He sure sounds like a James Bond villain to me...