Photos: Family and Friends

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Justin (me)

Mathieu (partner)

Chris (friend)

Alok and Carole (friends)

Sara (friend)

Yeji (friend)

Holly (friend)

Nate (friend)

John and Elizabeth (friends)

Kristen (friend)

Mom (mom)

Liz (aunt)

Nana and Grandpa (nana and grandpa)

Mathieu and Justin

Dad (dad)

Sharon and Joe (sister and partner)

Janet (sister)

Adam and Jonathan (brother and nephew)

Liz and Bob (aunt and partner)

Eric (friend)

Kitty (cat)

Shawn (nephew)

Sara Beth (cousin)

Sue, Chris and Johnathan (Adam's partner, nephew, nephew)

Justin (me)

Libby Crest (woo!)

Justin (me)

Jane, Brian, Kevin, David (Dick's partner, cousin, cousin, cousin)

Nana (nana)

Nana Libby (nana)

Nicole (cousin)

Dick (uncle)