Photos: Alok & Carole Wedding

On September 2, 2006, Alok and Carole got married.
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Outside the church.

Me, hanging around before the wedding started.

The interior of the church was dim enough to foil most of our photography. Here's a shot of Alok's parents with their son and new daughter. :)

By contrast, the bright California sunshine made for great phototaking.

Many, many pictures were taken on the steps of the church.

Signing of the card.

The reception was fantastic. Here's what things looked like just before the drinking started.

Then the toasting, laughing and dancing went on for hours.

The stars of the reception were two little preserved mice in saris.

The following day, we ventured north to wine country in a big van.

Here we are at the first winery.

We found a snake in the grass. A good time was had by all.