Wednesday, April 21
A big retro-shout out to Yan and Alex for accompanying me to the Enormous Room back in March. Thank you for showing me Zoe's Chinese Restaurant (289 Beacon St., Somerville) - I love the texture of frozen-then-cooked tofu! If you like spaghetti-western music, Zoe's is the restaurant for you.

Andrew and Anindita's wedding (Volume I)! Yay! Here they are, all bubbles and smiles:

(click for a large version)

The marriage (Volume I) was in Andover, in our high school chapel. It was nice to see all the Andover folk. Big shouts out to Diana, Gillian, Vanette, Mary Beth, Eric, Amiya, Jill & Iain, Bob & Jason, Jeff and Jamie.

This coming weekend will be the sequel marriage (Volume II), which will have fewer sword fights but will feature the "Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique".

Thanks to all who came to the bachelor party, and thanks to Bob for organizing it all:

(click for a large version)

I think he could get on MTV's "Cribs".

Thank you to the stripper who offered to fill Andrew's shot glass. :)

Thank you to Rick, who told me exactly where I could buy a wolf knocker.